Features of Distinction


Our craftsmen compromise nothing for the quality of workmanship in each and every frame we build. Full-scribe log joinery, pegged mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailed corners, hand-hewn or planned timbers, hand-peeled logs, log gables, sanded log ends, hidden screw jacks, log archways, and curved timbers are just some of the trademarks of this dedication. John has developed a beautifully unique version of the traditional "round notch" for log construction, which stays tight as the building seasons. For examples of this craftsmanship please browse our portfolio. Top timber framers have asked him to train their crews in this and other techniques he continually develops. John understands wood ... and how to shape it into long-lasting homes of beauty and strength.


Our standard log is full length, large diameter Eastern White Pine (15" average diameter and larger; lengths up to 60'). This wood is in a class with Redwood and Cedar for stability. Oak and Pine are our standard timbers for framing. Of course, we will use other materials should you request. We are very particular about the quality of wood that we purchase for use in our homes. Our massive Eastern White Pine logs have a relatively high R-value (1.3 per inch for an average of R19+ walls) and enormous thermal storage capabilities. Coupled with state-of-the-art gasketing behind tight joinery, and an R40 roof system on top of the log roof framing, our homes are very energy efficient for maximum living comfort. For more detailed information about the individual log components in our homes see Package Details.


Many years of working closely with homeowners, architects, and contractors have made The Wooden House Co., Ltd. a leading expert in log and timber design. We offer CAD design services or consultation with your architect. Our design process combines your needs and desires with the appropriate architecture for the site and our extensive knowledge and experience to produce a unique, charming home matched to your lifestyle.

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